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Office cleaning services - What do they offer? This is why you need one for your business.

Idles Cleaning Service has more than a decade of office cleaning experience, working with national companies, property management, as well as smaller independent businesses. Providing a clean office environment for our customers.


Dirty workplace, what we know.

It's a proven fact that in a clean office it improves productivity. For most, they are in the office more hours out of the week than they are home an the average employee loses 9 working days out of the year to sickness, some of which could be attributed to the lack of workforce hygiene.

Did you know, the average keyboard can carry 7,200 bacteria at any time and 60% of office workers sharing phones, computers, registers can carry a whopping 25,000 germs such as E.coli, staph, and bacteria that causes illness and can linger for up to 24 hours. Employers need to take things seriously as we face the fear of the coronavirus.

Not only does hiring a professional office cleaners benefit for keeping the germs down. Having a clean work environment an employee is less likely to be distracted by the cluttered objects. In a cluttered office, a lot of time can be squandered looking for documents or thinking. In a clean environment people naturally relax.

So, what type of services do cleaning services provide, for office cleaning?

Vacuuming carpeted areas, wiping down skirting boards, food preparation and service areas, air conditioner vents, mopping floors, fixtures and wall plates and much more. Each customer is getting a custom-tailored service estimate for their business but hiring a cleaning company will free up time for your workers to be more productive and ensure the job is done right.

" A clean working environment is the foundation of employee confidence and therefore business performance."

Searching for a professional office cleaner in the Goodlettsville area that is budget friendly and dependable is tricky. Most cleaning services in the area are franchise ran. Idles Cleaning Service is a small business and has the equipment, technology, and advanced practice that is needed for a thorough cleaning, disinfection and a customizable cleaning schedule based on cost and priorities to fit the needs of your office. We are trusted by business and property owners throughout the Goodlettsville area.

Retail Store Cleaning Service

You own a tuxedo rental business or a bakeshop, choosing a retail shop cleaning business like ours is one of the best business investments you can make. Investing in retail store cleaning lets you connect with your clients in tremendous ways. People need to feel invited and welcomed into your business in order to constantly spend money. There's no better way in doing so by making sure your retail business not only smells good but is squeaky clean.

Financial institutions

While you have a choice in a commercial cleaning service. Idles Cleaning Service of Goodlettsville is a well trusted service provider that does extensive background checks on their employees. Carrys an excessive amount of insurance and workman's compensation insurance to ensure the safety of our workers and the customer. High tailored bankers know dirt and grime on the floors, fixtures, and areas where clients come in to their office will not work. Idles Cleaning Service leaves floors, desks, walls, counters, windows, restrooms, and other areas squeaky clean.

Hiring the best cleaning service is important for your business. Contact us today for a free, no haggle estimate.

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