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Maid Service Nashville - Does Keeping A Clean Home Have Benefits? Is hiring a house cleaner worth it

Maids cleaning a home

How Long Does the Average Person Spend Cleaning Their Home?

On average, we spend an hour or more doing house chores consisting of laundry and cleaning our home such as baseboards, dishes, cleaning the bathroom and so forth.

When we neglect our everyday chores, it has an impact on our mental health as well as our self-esteem if we realize it or not. Tackling those outstanding to-do lists and getting your house in order can help you manage stress. We all can do without the meaningful stress in our lives, right?

What benefits do we get from keeping a clean home?

Less stress! You may think you've learned to live with all those piles in your home and the filth on your ceiling fan. Neglecting the small things lead to larger issues with your mood and affects you personally. Visual clutter leads to mental clutter affecting you a lot more than you realize.

A clean home leaves less paces for allergens and germs to pile up in your carpet and the items in your home leaving you more healthy and less susceptible. Keeping your space cleaned will only require maintenance to keep your home in good condition.

Benefits of hiring a maid service.

Some people start with a deep clean when hiring a maid service for their home or business getting a detail cleaning for all their appliances, ceiling fans, fixtures, and cabinets. Followed by a weekly or a biweekly clean to keep up the maintenance. You may even hire a maid service once for a party or a family get together. Whatever the case may be it will give you a lot of time for other chores. Also, professional cleaners know the ins and outs to what it takes to make a home smell good and sparkle as a professional cleaning service knows where the gunk likes to hide.

Here are some of the thing's maids may do while performing your deep clean:

1) Clean behind and under appliances

2) Cleaning inside appliances; oven, refrigerator, and micro

3) cabinet cleaning inside and out

4) Grout joints, counter tops, and backsplashes

5) refrigerator coils

6) disinfecting the small appliances like the coffee pot, toaster, etc.

7) light fixtures and ceiling fans

8) baseboards and quarter round

9) light switches and receptacle covers

10) interior windows glass, window sashes and the frame

11) Blinds

12) All the parts of your bathroom

13) under furniture

If you have a busy life and no time for the cleaning your home. You may want to consider a maid to help with your household chores because a clean home is a happy home! There are many benefits to hiring help and it is pretty affordable.

Don't take our word for it. Call your local cleaning service today and try it out. There are many benefits of hiring a maid service.

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