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Commercial Cleaners - New Construction or Occupied

While the coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to pause operations, one thing remained constant: The number of construction cranes popping up in the Nashville skyline.

Construction continued in many parts of town with some massive developments reaching completion and many others newly announced.

One of the most visible changes is on Broadway where Fifth + Broadway finally opened its doors. A few blocks away, the construction promises to reshape the area from Broadway to Church Street.

Nashville TN Has Been Attracting Blue Chips Companies And Other Industries To Establish Their Physical Presence In The Propitious Business Conditions. However, Equally Important Is To Regularly Clean And Maintain The Commercial Properties To Add Value And Improve Public Image.

It's a known fact that we are in an epidemic of finding quality service. Quality Service can be defined differently but we can all agree that finding someone dependable is the biggest task. You have a new construction project and your workers don't have time to put the detail clean in before delivering your product to the customer. You need to hire a reliable post construction cleaner that can get the job done.

We meet today’s higher demands for deeper cleaning & disinfecting to provide safer environments for multifamily residences, commercial centers, retail stores, food service, government offices, industrial facilities, and other workplaces. Our staff is trained, qualified, and professionally equipped for interior and exterior emergency cleaning of buildings and public access areas.

New Home Construction Cleanup

Cleaning a newly built or remodeled home requires specific knowledge and cleaning methods. You can’t just send regular cleaners in with a bucket and some rags. All of our Post Construction Cleaning Crews have extensive experience and the best supplies and equipment to get the job done. All our crews include a supervisor to ensure the best quality clean and a point person for our clients to deal with. Idles Cleaning Service in Nashville TN is unique in that we offer 2 types of After Construction clean up. Final Phase and Mid Phase Cleaning.

Final Phase Cleaning: (Complete Dust, Debris and Goop Removal). When we are done you can move in or sell your home!

  • Hepa filtered, industrial strength vacuum cleaners

  • Removal of dust from walls, baseboards, light fixtures, ceiling fans, switch plates, doors, door jams, door hinges, interior and exterior kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and more

  • Removal of goop, paint, adhesives and epoxy

  • Dusting and polishing of all floors

  • Vacuuming all carpeted areas (carpet shampoo also available)

  • Complete scrubbing and disinfecting of the bathrooms and kitchen

  • Professional window washing and whole home power washing (optional)

  • Specialized cleansers to remove every type of construction mess

  • We don’t leave until the you inspect our work to ensure that EVERYONE is happy!

  • Air scrubbers available upon request

Mid Phase Cleaning: (Removal of Most Dust) If you are in the middle of your project and need a quick clean, we can provide a mid-phase cleaning.

  • Hepa filtered, industrial strength vacuum cleaners

  • Removal of most of the dust from walls, baseboards, light fixtures, ceiling fans, switch plates, doors, door jams, door hinges, interior and exterior kitchen and bathroom cabinets, etc.

  • We don’t leave until the you inspect our work to ensure that EVERYONE is happy!

Home Renovations Cleanup

Home renovations and repairs can add to the beauty and comfort of your home. You may have decided to replace your kitchen cabinets, put in new flooring or install new windows. You might even have added a whole new addition to your house, or completing the final phase on a new skyrise in the Gulch Nashville.

These improvements are great. The downside is that the huge amount of dust they create. Even though the contractors do their best to clean it all up, you’re still going to find lots of lingering dust. You’re also likely to run into spilled spots of adhesive, paint overspray and other small but annoying leftovers.

Idles Cleaning Service will get it all “white glove” cleaned for you. Once the work is done, call us to get your new, improved house or commercial building looking fresh and bright. Let us know if you’d like us to clean the entire project or just the affected areas.

If you’ve had your office or commercial space renovated, you may be wondering if there’s a quick way to get it ready for use. At Idles Cleaning Service, we understand that your business can’t sit around waiting to get cleaned. We’re ready when you need us with fast, flexible service that we can schedule around your needs.

  • Professional cleaning crews with at least 5 years’ experience

  • Flexible scheduling for weekend and evening cleanings

  • Specialty care of flooring

  • We don’t leave until the you inspect our work to ensure that EVERYONE is happy!

  • Customized cleaning plans based on your business needs

  • Fast, flexible online booking and payments

Occupied Businesses

Let us help you reach the highest standards with next level cleaning of commercial properties to protect employees, customers, and the general public. Target high traffic zones and frequent touch surfaces for a safer environment.

  • Entryways

  • Sidewalks

  • Lobbies

  • Office Workspaces

  • Garage & Parking Areas

  • Escalators and Stairways

  • Elevators

Our professional and highly trained cleaners are here to help.


We provide emergency cleaning for government buildings, facilities, and public access areas. Our professionally trained and equipped team keeps your workplace safe so that you may continue to serve the public.

  • Access Points (elevators, doors, service counters)

  • Critical & Essential Depts.

  • Public Restrooms

  • Employee Cubicles

  • Stanchions (public queue areas)

  • Office

  • Shops

  • Medical facilities

  • Factories

  • Restaurants

  • Warehouses

  • Airports

  • Move in/ Move out

  • Government facilities

  • Showrooms

  • New Apartment Homes and hallways

  • New construction / Sky rise cleanings

What Makes a Top Commercial Cleaning Service

Our high quality commercial cleaning services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Office cleaning

  • Carpet shampooing

  • Floor waxing

  • Floor stripping and sealing

  • Window cleaning

  • Porter service

  • Handyman service

  • Yard Maintenance

Here at Idles Cleaning Service, we offer all of these building maintenance services and more. What sets us apart as a premier commercial cleaning service in Nashville TN, is our special attention to detail. Aside from having an expert, background-checked team that’s trained in proper maintenance and upkeep, our professional cleaning teams spot even the smallest of details! We dedicate our resources, expertise and time to get it right on every single cleaning.

Idles Cleaning Services has a long history of meeting the needs of corporate executives, medical offices, and other company properties in Nashville TN. and the Downtown Nashville District. We add a personal touch to our service, and that’s why we’ve established long-lasting relationships with our client companies.

It’s All About Relationships

We build relationships. A consultation with us is the start of a long-term partnership to better your space. Over the years, Idles Cleaning Service has taken pride in being reliable and quick to respond to concerns and questions. We personally make sure that our commercial cleaning crew is working to the highest standards possible. Our dedication to high quality cleaning and personalized service is an asset you need to invest in.

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